"Why NavigateStorage?" 

We are a vendor agnostic solution provider that focuses on your requirements not the vendors.


James R. Addlesberger

President and Chief Executive Officer


Prior to founding NavigateStorage in 1999, Jim was President of NIPSON Printing Systems, a French based manufacturer of a high-speed computer printing equipment.


Jim has also served as Vice President and General Manager of Hitachi Data Systems, a prominent disk and IBM compatible mainframe manufacturer.  Responsible for the Eastern United States he grew a $180M business to over $400M in 24 months.  In 1991, as Vice President of Marketing - Worldwide, Jim redirected HDS's global marketing strategy towards value-added solutions driving a new business called "Hi-Care" to over $50M by targeting senior decision makers in support of Hitachi's entry into new and higher end product lines.


Prior to joining Hitachi, Jim led his own sales and marketing consulting firm.  From 1983 to 1989, was Vice President, Sales & Marketing, for Nixdorf Computer Corporation.  At Nixdorf,  Jim redirected this $150 Million hardware company into an applications-oriented organization. He built three new software business units, generating $18 Million in annual revenues, and significantly reduced costs through business re-engineering. 


Prior to joining Nixdorf, Jim served for two years as Division Manager AT&T Information Systems, leading the nation in revenue, profit and customer satisfaction both years. As a key member of IBM’s, Data Processing Division, Jim rose from Senior Engineer through a variety of increasingly responsible line management positions.  


Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.



Mounir Elmously - Director Technmical Sales

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