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Dell’s proven business model and EMC’s storage product and brand leadership have come together to create a new family of storage solutions: Dell/EMC.The Dell/EMC family provides solutions for direct attached, storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) environments.

Innovative multi-cloud data protection solutions with the widest protected workload ecosystem from legacy data to cloud-native. Dell EMC gives organizations the choice to confidently plan their modern data protection strategies through constant innovation, agile engineering and tight integration with VMware.

1.Dell EMC Isilon Express Storage

Lower costs and simplify management of your unstructured data with a flexible, pre-configured solution: Dell EMC Isilon Express. Gain enterprise-grade storage capabilities at an economical price, for organizations of almost any size. Isilon Express is powered by Dell EMC Isilon, the #1 scale-out network-attached storage platform in the industry.

You’ll have a NAS solution ideal for data consolidation and rapidly growing storage requirements.

Isilon Express includes:

  • Hardware: 3 x Dell EMC Isilon X210 nodes, 2 x 8-port InfiniBand switches, cables, and accessories
  • Each Isilon X210 node contains 11 x 1 TB HDD, 1 x 200 GB SSD (dedicated to performance acceleration)
  • Software: Dell EMC Isilon OneFS operating system, Smart Connect and Snapshot IQ for data protection, Insight IQ and Smart Quotas for data management

Key features:

  • Consolidates multiple workloads with multi protocol support including NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP, and HDFS
  • Simplifies management with Isilon OneFS single file system
  • Easily scales capacity and performance as needed, without disruption
  • Cuts costs with more than 80% storage utilization and optional data reduplication
  • Protects data with resilient design and options for enterprise-grade backup, disaster recovery, and security
  • Integrates easily with other Dell EMC Isilon platforms including Isilon All-Flash
  • Protects investment with the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program (support agreement required)

2.Dell EMC VxRail Appliance

Benefit from the easiest and fastest way to simplify and extend your VMware environment with Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure appliances. Great for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), server virtualization, databases, business applications, and application consolidation at the enterprise edge.

Transform your IT infrastructure for greater efficiency and lower costs. The VxRail Appliance architecture consists of modular nodes, including models based on Dell Power Edge servers, and VMware Virtual SAN.

Choose from multiple VxRail configurations that include all-flash options for enhanced performance. Configure-to-order hardware, including NV Me cache drives and 25GbE networking connectivity, lets you cover any HCI use case. Deployment is quick because VxRail comes to you integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested by Dell EMC and VMware.

Key features:

  • Consolidates compute, storage, virtualization, and management
  • Delivers unmatched performance and efficiency with kernel layer integration between VMware vSAN and the v Sphere hypervisor
  • Scales linearly from 3 to 64 nodes, supporting from 40 VMs to thousands
  • Includes data replication, backup, and cloud tearing
  • Delivers enterprise data services, resiliency, and quality of service
  • Provides a single point of support for appliance software and hardware

3.Dell EMC Unity 300 Hybrid Flash Storage

Run a mix of workloads, simply and affordably, with Dell EMC Unity 300 hybrid flash storage. This entry-level system in our Dell EMC Unity hybrid storage series is perfect for the remote office, branch office (ROBO), and mid market. Support both SAN and NAS.

Dense flash technology and inline data reduction for all-flash pools help deliver outstanding TCO, starting in a small 2U footprint.

Benefit from point-in-time snapshots, local and remote data replication, built-in encryption, and deep integration with VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack. Automated tiering and flash caching place data on the appropriate tier of storage for the highest system performance at the lowest storage cost.

Gain intelligent insight into your storage health with CloudIQ, which provides cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics. Additionally, ongoing operation is simple with proactive assistance and automated remote support.

Key features:

  • Unifies block, file, and VMware VVols support
  • Delivers 3.6 TB to 2.4 PB max raw capacity
  • Implements 3D NAND TLC flash for maximum flash density and value
  • Includes inline data reduction for all-flash storage pools
  • Protects investment with the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program (support agreement required)

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4.Dell EMC ECS

Consolidate multiple storage silos into a single, globally accessible repository with Dell EMC ECS. Manage traditional and next-generation workloads and scale infinitely with Dell EMC’s third generation object storage platform.

ECS is available as software, an appliance, or a hosted solution. ECS Dedicated Cloud Service (ECS DC) is on-demand storage managed and hosted by Dell EMC. Experience the economics and simplicity that public cloud provides while retaining the control and security that enterprises and service providers need.

At scale, ECS offers 48% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other public cloud providers.

Key features:

  • Enables hybrid cloud with ECS Dedicated Cloud Service offerings
  • Supports object, file, and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • Delivers storage as a service: multi-tenancy, detailed metering, self-service portal, metadata search and management, billing integration, and more
  • Offers configurations from 50 TB to 7.8 PB in a single rack, and can scale to multiple racks
  • Provides geo-distributed data protection with no single point of failure
  • Protects investment with the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program (support agreement required)

5.Dell EMC Unity 350F All-Flash Storage

Dell EMC Unity 350F all-flash storage is the entry point to our Dell EMC Unity All Flash family. Bring high performance and low latency to a broad range of SAN and NAS use cases. You’re ready for mixed workloads, storage consolidation, server virtualization, and more.

Dell EMC Unity sets a new standard in primary storage systems for the mid market. Its modern architecture is designed for flash, rich data services, simplicity, and affordability, all in a footprint as small as 2U. High-density SSD technology and inline data reduction add to performance and value.

This unified storage includes support for file and block, point-in-time snapshots, local and remote data replication, and built-in encryption. You’ll also have deep integration with VMware, Microsoft, and Open Stack ecosystems.

Gain intelligent insight into your storage health with Cloud IQ, a no cost cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics application. Additionally, ongoing operation is simple with proactive assistance and automated remote support

Key features:

  • Provides health scores with Cloud IQ for an unlimited amount of Dell EMC Unity arrays
  • Delivers all-flash storage from 4 TB to 2.4 PB max raw capacity
  • Maximizes the value of flash with inline data reduction and 15.38 TB flash drives
  • Protects investment with the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program (support agreement required).

6.Dell EMC Power Max 2000

The Power Max 2000 offers an incredibly small footprint, blazing fast NVMe performance, and rich data services, all at an attractive entry point into the Power Max family. The Power Max 2000 delivers the performance your applications demand while consolidating block, file, open systems, and IBM i workloads.

Power Max bricks allow you to scale the Power Max 2000 from the base capacity of 13TB up to 1PBe in 13TB increments enabling you to scale as your business needs grow.

Power Max is offered as an appliance with either the Essentials or Pro software package included. To top it off, Power Max is part of The Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program which gives you additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.

Key features:

  • End-to-end NVMe for the highest levels of performance
  • Scale in 13TB increments as your business demands increase
  • Built-in machine learning engine for intelligent data placement
  • Supports open systems block and file as well as IBM

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7.Dell EMC XtremIO X2 All-Flash Array

Achieve consistent low-latency performance, uncompromising storage efficiency, and zero-impact copy services for block workloads with the Dell EMC XtremIO X2 all-flash storage array. XtremIO is the ultimate platform for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), integrated copy data management (iCDM), and virtual server infrastructure in your modern data center.

The content-aware, in-memory metadata architecture of XtremIO ensures predictable and balanced high performance for workloads and replication. Maximize your storage efficiency with all-the-time, inline data services: data reduction, thin provisioning, flash-optimized data protection, encryption, and in-memory virtual data copies. You can create thousands of data copies on the same XtremIO array and run workloads on them without affecting production SLAs.

Key features:

  • Ensures high performance at predictable sub-millisecond latency
  • Reduces capacity needs and TCO with truly inline, all-the-time data reduplication, compression, and thin provisioning
  • Makes data copies instantly available to applications for re purposing and recovery
  • Native asynchronous replication delivers hundreds of point in time recovery’s & RP O’s of 30 seconds

8.Dell EMC IsilonSD Edge Storage

Take the power and efficiency of Isilon scale-out NAS to new places with Dell EMC IsilonSD Edge. IsilonSD Edge is software-defined storage for small businesses and remote offices of enterprise companies that need to manage a growing amount of unstructured data.

IsilonSD Edge runs on your industry-standard server hardware (not included) while delivering the advantages of the Dell EMC Isilon OneFS operating system.

Extend your existing Isilon environment to edge sites or deploy IsilonSD Edge on its own.

Key features:

  • Ideal for locations with limited IT resources
  • Flexible multi protocol support and unmatched storage utilization
  • Tightly integrated with VMware ESX (not included): use within your virtual environment and manage through vCenter

This IsilonSD Edge package includes:

  • One software-defined storage instance supporting up to 36 TB of capacity
  • Isilon OneFS operating system
  • Data management: Isilon Smart Quotas, Smart Pools, Insight IQ, and Smartphone
  • Data protection: Isilon Smart Connect, Snapshot IQ, Sync IQ, and Smart Lock
  • 1 year of Enhanced Software Support.

8.Dell EMC VMAX 950F All-Flash Storage

When your enterprise applications demand the performance of flash storage along with massive scalability, mission-critical reliability, and advanced data services, select Dell EMC VMAX 950F. Predictably meet SLAs for essential enterprise storage, consolidation at scale, and mix open and mainframe workloads.

IOPS and capacity scale linearly as you expand. The scale-out building block of the Dell EMC VMAX 950F storage array is the V-Brick, which includes a VMAX engine and base storage capacity. Flash Capacity Packs let you scale up in 13 TB increments.

Key features:

  • Most CPU cores of any VMAX array for leading performance: up to 6.7 million IOPS
  • Supports block and file, open systems, mainframe, and IBM i
  • Scales up to 4 PB effective flash SSD capacity with data reduction and compression
  • Ensures 99.9999% high availability
  • Offers data services options that include advanced replication, data encryption, storage management, data protection, and storage tearing to hybrid cloud.

9.Dell EMC SC5020 Storage

SC5020 makes storage cost savings automatic with a modern architecture that optimizes your data center for economics while delivering transformation SSD, HDD or hybrid performance.

  • Data Progression – Achieve IOPS goals with the least expensive mix of storage media, even as performance needs evolve
  • Reduplication & Compression – Dramatically reduce the raw capacity required to store your data
  • RAID tearing – Eliminate manual provisioning, increase efficiency and utilization
  • Federation – Simplify multi-array environments with quick and seamless data movement, plus proactive load balancing assistance via Live Migrate and Volume Advisor
  • Pro Support Services – Reduce deployment costs with remote installation options that ensure your project goes right the first time.
  • Persistent software licensing – Future-proof your investment, minimize the cost of upgrades and expansions.

10.Dell EMC Unity Disk Expansion Storage

Easily add to your Dell EMC Unity All-Flash and Hybrid storage environment with disk expansion. Keep pace with growing business initiatives and requirements.

For Dell EMC Unity All-Flash:

  • Choose from a variety of SSD capacity options to meet capacity and performance needs
  • 25 x 2.5” Drive Enclosure (2U)

For Dell EMC Unity Hybrid:

  • Choose any combination of SAS, NL-SAS, or flash drives to meet capacity and performance needs
  • 25 x 2.5” (2U) and 15 x 3.5” (3U) Drive Enclosure options

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