Cohesity C2300 and C2500 Pricing

The Cohesity C2300 and C2500 Data Platform 2.0 is now accessible at a starting price of $90,000 (USD) … the starting price of $90k seems to be a 3-node C2300 (48 TB new, utilizing 4 TB drives, 800 GB PCIe Flashcards per node). A 4-node C2500 (96 TB direct, utilizing 8 TB drives, 1.6 TB PCIe Flashcards per node) is the more “flagship” coherent unit. The price of the C2500 set is $199k.

That said, both of them have all the licenses needed at no extra cost. This will also be subject to change in the future, as Cohesity is exploring “packages” to build various customers who want to do different things around the OASIS platform (OASIS is the secret sauce at the core of the Cohesity Data Platform).

Cohesity C2300 and C2500  Data Platform

It gives me great pleasure to announce the General Availability of the Cohesity Data Platform, featuring our C2000-series hardware appliances and the all-new OASIS operating environment!

At its core, this is a brand new approach to managing multiple disparate solutions in a single platform. Let’s get into the details around the technology and what makes up this announcement.

First, the hardware. Our first delivery to market will include two options when it comes to the hardware appliance; the C2300 and the C2500. The C2000-series appliance is a 2U chassis comprised of multiple nodes. Each node contains (2) Intel Xeon 8-core processors and 64GB of DDR4 memory. For connectivity, each node also contains (2) SFP+ 10GbE ports, (2) 1GbE ports, an IPMI port, and full KVM console connectivity.

Cohesity C2300 and C2500

Cohesity C2300 and C2500

While each node also contains both hard drives and PCIe flash, this is where the C2300 and C2500 differ. In 4-node configurations, the C2500 contains 96TB (raw) of 8TB hard drives and 6.4TB of PCIe Flash. The C2300 contains 48TB (raw) of 4TB hard drives and 1.6TB PCIe Flash.

Essentially, the C2500 and C2300 are identical in hardware with the exception of the PCIe Flash and Hard Drive capacities, where the C2300 is half of the respective capacities as the C2500.

Cohesity C2300 and C2500 Pricing


Cohesity, the leader in converged secondary storage, today announced the public launch of the Cohesity Data Hub, the first platform developed to integrate all secondary storage use cases in a single framework that lets enterprises manage that data demands.

The Cohesity Cloud Platform integrates a web-scale storage platform with standards-based hardware components that allow companies to move from today’s costly silos to an easy, pay-as-you expand data management system for different data use cases.

Cohesity will minimize storage costs by more than half by consolidating a wide range of roles on a single platform and making business data management extremely easy.

2.Unified Secondary Storage Platform

Cohesity Data Platform simplifies secondary storage by integrating software and hardware elements to provide a basis for web-scale computing that can accommodate a wide variety of workloads effectively.

Components include

  • Cohesity’s patented operating environment, Open Architecture for Scalable, Intelligent Storage(OASIS), combining a scale-out storage architecture with built-in enterprise storage services and quality of service management to consolidate multiple usage cases such as data protection, DevOps, file services, and analytics on a single platform.
  • Two latest C2000 Series hardware platforms with four clustered nodes per 2U block. In the future- proof model, cohesive clusters can mix hardware generations and types to grow with an organization from 4 to 400 nodes.
  • C2300 offers 48 TB raw HDD capacity and 3.2 TB raw PCI-e SSD capacity
  • The C2500 offers 96 TB raw HDD capacity and 6.4 TB raw PCI-e SSD capacity

Cohesity OASIS is the core foundation of the software designed to handle the various reliability and performance requirements of multiple data usage cases. OASIS incorporates web-scale computing with built-in data management capabilities that are typically tackled by different point solutions:

  • Copy Data Management – International, policy-based deduplication and proprietary snapshot/cloning technologies allow businesses to optimize storage utilization and recover capacity from redundant data copies. Cohesity has recently been identified as a leader in this growing area in the 2015 Gartner Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies.

  • Data Protection – OASIS provides streamlined data protection for devices, including unrestricted snapshots and thin replication, via advanced backup and recovery functionality, and automated global indexing for maximum searchability.

  • DevOps – OASIS’s general-purpose storage features, including native support for NFS and SMB protocols, allow businesses to easily deploy DevOps clones from backup data, essentially repurposing passive data in traditional environments to quicker application workflows.
  • In-Place Analytics: Cohesity provides automated and programmable data analytics to help companies make better, more intelligent use of data and business decisions. The native analytics technologies of Cohesity include measurements and forecasts in real-time, while its programmable Analytics Workbench empowers businesses to run personalized queries against their datasets.

To optimize time-to-insight and remove the need for a separate data analytics system, all analytics are performed in-place on the Cohesity cluster. The Cohesity Cloud Platform was designed to work in tandem with pre-existing business data storage systems, allowing businesses to start a system that suits their ecosystem without the large upfront costs associated with “rip-and-replace” solutions.


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