DELL EMC Products

1. Atmos



EMC Atmos: Cloud storage platform focused on the object to store, archive, and access unstructured data on a scale. Atmos provides enterprises and service providers with the necessary building blocks to migrate to private, hybrid, and public cloud storage.

  • Add capacity, applications, locations, or tenants to your cloud, with zero development or reconfiguration required. Reduce time for administration, and ensure availability.
  • Store, manage and aggregate efficiently distributed big data through a single panel of glass across locations. Gain a common point of view and central management.
  • Provides flexible access to traditional applications, web applications, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and mobile devices across networks and platforms. Allow instant access from any device to the data from users and applications.
  • Allowing corporations and service providers to measure capacity, bandwidth, and utilization across tenants. Enable users to manage the storage themselves and to access it.
  • To automate data placement and lifecycle, protection methods, and efficiency, use customizable metadata to apply “set it and forget it” policies. Gain support to manage on-scale big data.

2. Avamar



EMC Avamar: Fast, efficient backup and recovery via a complete solution of software and hardware. Equipped with integrated variable-length deduplication technology, Avamar provides fast, full daily backup for virtual environments, remote offices, enterprise applications, Network-attached Storage (NAS) servers, and desktops/laptops.

  • Avamar uses variable-length deduplication, which reduces backup time significantly by only storing unique daily changes while maintaining full daily backups for immediate, single-step restore.
  • Deduplicated backup sends only blocks that have changed, thus reducing network traffic. Take advantage of existing local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) bandwidth for company-wide and remote / branch backup and recovery of offices
  • Every Avamar backup is a complete backup, which makes it easy for you to browse, point, and click for recovery in a single step.
  • Avamar Data Store features redundant power and networking, redundant independent disk array (RAID), and patented redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) technology to provide uninterrupted access to data. Daily checks on data systems guarantee recoverability whenever necessary.
  • Avamar Data Store scales the deduplicated capacity to 124 TB. Avamar can be deployed in an integrated solution with EMC Data Domain systems for extra performance and scalability.

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3. Centera



EMC Centera: Data archiving platform Content-Addressable Storage (CAS). Center provides the authenticity of content, governance and compliance, long-term retention and high availability with maximum efficiency and low total ownership cost (TCO)

  • Center ensures that your long-term online archive data is authentic, can’t be overwritten, and can’t be changed by writing once, reading many (WORM) technologies.
  • Comply with industry regulations and corporate requirements, using a wide range of retention capabilities on a hardened platform with the authenticity of the content and legal admissibility
  • Ensure accessibility of data with a redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN), flexible protection schemes, self-healing, and unmatched protection replication, and 99.999 percent availability
  • Seamless, non-disruptive scale and location-independent storage reduce TCO. Automate storage tasks including pools for self-configuring, self-healing, and virtual storage. Ensure low overhead capacity with the storage of a single instance.
  • Extend Center investment value with more than 300 out-of-the-box, integrated email, file, medical imaging, content management, video, and voice archiving applications on a single archiving platform.

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4. Connectrix



EMC Connectrix: For the largest mission-critical network environments requiring massive consolidation and non-stop operations, EMC Connectrix directors are ideal. Connectrix directors effectively consolidate storage area networks (SANs) to make your networked storage more efficient.

  • EMC Connectrix switches are ideal network switches for departmental or edge storage area networks (SANs) where access to expanding network storage needs to be highly available. Connectrix switches provide best-in-class availability via hot-swappable components and scale from 8 to 64 ports seamlessly.
  • Fiber channel speeds up to 32 Gb / s, maximum port densities, amazing availability, and extensive connectivity.
  • Bandwidth capability, data traffic flow, and security are managed efficiently.
  • Maximize efficiency with Fibre Channel over Ethernet and minimize costs

5. Data Domain

Data Domain


EMC Data Domain Operating System (DD OS): intelligence behind storage systems for the EMC Data Domain deduplication. DD OS power the most efficient, scalable, reliable and cloud-ready storage platform in the industry.

  • Complete more backups earlier, while putting less pressure on limited backup windows, and dramatically reduce storage requirements through deduplication of variable length.
  • Easily integrate with leading backup, archiving and enterprise applications in existing infrastructures
  • Replicate only deduplicated and compressed data over the network, requiring a fraction of the bandwidth, time, and cost compared to traditional methods of replication.
  • Ensure data recovery and access with inline write and read verification, continuous detection of faults, and self-healing which provides the industry with the best defense against data integrity problems. Meet the regulatory standards and safety requirements with data retention and end-to-end encryption compliant with SEC 17a-4.
  • EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems: Storage protection which continues to revolutionize disk backup, archiving, and recovery from disasters.
  • Complete more backups earlier while putting less pressure on limited backup windows with up to 31 terabytes per hour throughput.
  • Consolidate the massive scalability of all data protection requirements on a single system.
  • Fits smoothly into your environment and supports a wide range of protocols
  • DD HA High Available DD9500 (2) and DDOS v5.7.1 + solution.
  • Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) is a software-only storage device for protection: a virtual deduplication device that provides data protection for entry, business, and service provider environments. As with any Data Domain system.
  • DD VE is always coupled with backup software. DD VE runs the Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) and provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for all system operations using the DD OS command-line interface (CLI) and the Data Domain System Manager.

6. Disk Library For Mainframe



EMC Disk Library for the mainframe is today the leading Virtual Tape Library mainframe on the market. The mainframe disk library is available in two models; the large enterprise data center DLm8100, and the smaller data center DLm2100. The two models share the functionality provided by the virtual tape but may vary with supporting scalability, performance, and storage platforms.

  • Mainframe tape is an active storage tier for space management and archive applications in addition to the traditional backup and recovery.
  • The mainframe disk library offers a considerable advantage over tape by eliminating physical tape mounts, robotic movements, tape rewinds and drive contention
  • The mainframe disk library works with leading mainframe backup products including IBM DSS and FDR Innovation Data Processing, as well as all leading tape management systems
  • The data on your tape can be encrypted to a remote site at rest or during replication.
  • The mainframe disk library supports various configurations of storage platforms that can be tailored to the specific needs of your environment. – VMAX Storage for Critical Tape Operations – VNX or Data Domain Primary Storage

7. ECS



EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) is an Object-based hyperscale solution for cloud storage

  • The ECS Appliance is specifically designed to meet applications in the mobile, cloud, big data and social networking.
  • Delivers object and HDFS across one platform
  • Gives a single view of a globally distributed environment
  • Provides multi-tenancy, detailed metering, an intuitive self-service portal, and integrated billing to manage your private or public service
  • Meets current application requirements and scale to Petabyte or Exabyte storage requirements without effort.
  • Features an active, multi-site architecture with a single global namespace
  • Supports unlimited users and applications on a single scale storage system
  • Uses patent pending technology to distribute, protect, and access data globally




  • Secure Remote Services (Formally ESRS) is a software-based, secure access point between the EMC and your EMC information infrastructure for remote support activities.
  • Secure Remote Services monitors your EMC products clockwise and notifies EMC Customer Service automatically in the event of a problem or potential problem
  • Secure Remote Services provides the requirements for an effective end-to-end remote connectivity solution-automation, authentication, authorization and audit
  • The Secure Remote Services lifeline is a heartbeat that pulses out at 30-second intervals using HTTPS and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) from the application to the Dell EMC customer service.
  • Secure Remote Services employs multiple security layers throughout every step of the remote connectivity process to ensure that you and Dell EMC can confidently use the solution
  • Dell EMC access can be granted or restricted based on your own unique guidelines and requirements
  • Once a remote session is complete, all activity is captured and stored in a detailed long audit file which helps you to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements of government and industry.

9. Greenplum



  • The Pivotal Data Computing Appliance (DCA) is an integrated analytics platform that accelerates Big Data analyzes within a single appliance, delivering faster time to value and lower risk of integration and total cost. With the Pivotal DCA, your organization can maximize your analytical data warehouse’s security, availability, and performance without the complexity and constraints of proprietary hardware
  • The Pivotal DCA is built for modular as well as fully integrated purposes. It includes Pivotal Greenplum Database (Pivotal GPDB), Pivotal HD for unstructured data, and an Accelerator for Data Integration (DIA). Pivotal DCAs enhance flexibility and can be scaled at any time by adding new modules, such as database and Hadoop storage and computation capabilities.
  • Maximize Security, Availability and Performance-Redundant design across the Pivotal DCA mitigates the risks posed by system outages, eliminating single points of failure and providing a reliable repository for your mission-critical data.
  • Minimize Integration Risk and Time to Value — The Pivotal DCA is designed to grow incrementally, so you can add resources without a costly replacement project as you need them.
  • Reduce Total Cost-Flexible pivotal DCAs. Your company can tailor capabilities and capabilities to support structured and unstructured data analysis plus ETL, BI, machine learning, and data visualization both initially and throughout the appliance’s lifetime.

10. IDPA



Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is a pre-configured turnkey solution that combines storage and software protection, search, and analytics. This fully integrated solution sets the industry’s new standard for ease of deployment, data protection and management, integrated features, and low total ownership costs. The IDPA incorporates the backup application, target storage, elastic search, and powerful analytics into a solution built and configured in the factory.

  • Integrated Protection Storage and Software: Single, easy-to-deploy solution consolidated backup software, target storage, search, analytics, and more. Remote PS configuration delivers in three hours or less box-to-backup.
  • Four Models for Mid-range to Enterprise Needs: Starting at 34 TB with the DP5300 entry and scaling to 1PB for the DP8800 enterprise, the capacity can easily and economically scale up to 48 TB increments within each model.
  • Unmatched Application Ecosystem: broad file system coverage, database, NAS, and enterprise applications deployed as physical and virtual workloads, multiple VMware-optimized hypervisors, and automation and optimization services.
  • Cloud-Enabled: Native cloud tiering to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention options is available for the DP5800, DP8300, and DP8800 models (Amazon, Virtustream, ECS, Azure, etc ..)
  • Enterprise Scalability: Designed to grow with customer needs up to 1 PB usable active capacity, paired with industry-leading deduplication and 2 PB of cloud tiering for logical storage of up to 150 PB.
  • VM Performance: IDPA is optimized with flash power for faster performance and instant access to VM backups with up to 10 K IOPS, or up to 32 simultaneous VMs.

11. Isilon



Isilon F800/F810

The all-flash scale-out NAS storage system Isilon F800/F810 delivers extreme performance and density for your most demanding unstructured data applications and workloads.

Isilon H600, H500, H400, H5600

To support a wide range of file workloads, Isilon H600, H500, H400, H5600 Isilon hybrid systems are designed to provide a balance of performance, capacity, and value. Our hybrid systems are an ideal choice for your high-performance computing (HPC) applications and workloads which don’t require the Isilon all-flash solution’s extreme performance.

Isilon A2000, A200

Isilon A2000, A200 Isilon archive systems are designed to increase the need for efficient data archiving solutions in which data can be stored and protected for long-term storage.

12. Networker



NetWorker is a data protection solution of a business-class nature. It is based on software, distributed through the different networks of the customer and deployed on the application/print/web servers. NetWorker is highly customizable to satisfy specific needs for automation, performance, and infrastructure.

NetWorker Microsoft Modul (NMM) provides a unified solution for Microsoft Server applications protection. It allows EMC NetWorker to take advantage of Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) feature to create and manage consistent point-in-time snapshot copies of data for quick recovery and backup off-host. NetWorker users can capture more frequent disk recovery points and recover information in a fraction of the time it takes to restore the data from a tape, reducing the impact of data protection operations on production servers.

NetWorker Database and Application Module (NMDA) and NetWorker SAP Module (NMSAP) are application modules designed to improve the protection of NetWorker. NetWorker provides services with NMDA or NMSAP that allow NetWorker software to back up and recover various operating systems and applications. Lotus Notes, Sybase, Informix, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2 are supported by NMDA. NMSAP provides Oracle and SAP HANA support for the SAP.

NetWorker Module for MEDITECH (NMMedi) works together with the NetWorker client to communicate with MEDITECH hosts and VNX, Symmetrix VMAX, XtremIO and RecoverPoint systems from a Windows proxy server.

CloudBoost enables NetWorker to backup applications running on-site and directly to low-cost object storage in public clouds such as AWS and Azure, with the benefits of client-side deduplication, compression, and end-to-end data encryption. The NetWorker and CloudBoost solution provides on-premise data protection to the cloud including AWS, Azure, Google, EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, and Virtustream.

13. PowerPath



PowerPath is a multipathing product family of software that automates and optimizes I / O performance in both physical and virtual environments. PowerPath manages I / O path loads intelligently and thereby increases the availability of applications and reduces latency. Dell EMC VNX / VMAX / VPLEX / XtremIO proprietary optimisation increases I / O performance 2x -3x over native multipathing.

14. PowerProtect X400

PowerProtect X400


PowerProtect software is an enterprise solution that streamlines the process of monitoring, managing, and analyzing data copies while addressing the sprawl of copies. The PowerProtect software is designed to create life-cycle protection orchestration, automated compliance with protection policies and service level agreement (SLA), and efficiency-optimizing actionable insight.

With the PowerProtect software, you can manage, protect and reuse data across the enterprise by developing services to accomplish the following tasks:

  • non-disruptive discovery, access, and recovery of copies through primary and protective storage without the introduction of new infrastructure or complexity
  • Automate efficient copy creation Automate data SLA compliance and efficiency, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Optimize operations based on insight and actionable analytics

15. Recoverpoint



  • EMC RecoverPoint appliances provide multiple recovery points with continuous data protection to instantly restore applications to a specific point in time.
  • Protect applications in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures with bidirectional, synchronous, and asynchronous replication and digital video recorder (DVR)-like recovery.
  • Minimize network usage with unique compression and deduplication of the bandwidth, significantly reducing replicated data over the network.
  • Streamline the testing of your application environment for disaster recovery while the replication of production continues uninfluenced.
  • Advanced, three-site topology gain for continuous availability, disaster recovery, and ongoing data recovery enabled by combining EMC VPLEX Metro and RecoverPoint.

16. Remote Proactive

Remote Proactive


  • Time and cost-effective access to remote change control industry expertise.
  • A broad portfolio of activities relating to remote change control.
  • A convenient, proactive approach to planned change implementation-scheduled within the specified maintenance window.
  • Proven processes, tools, and knowledge to upgrade and service your global EMC investment in a safe and convenient way.
  • Safe and secure management of change carried out by experienced, highly qualified professionals.
  • For installed boxes/systems, perform remote change management.

17. ScaleIO Ready Node



Formerly known as ScaleIO Node, then VxRack Node, and now ScaleIO Ready Node, this product is a solution similar to VxRack 1000 Flex but is built as a DIY solution where the customer chooses the types of OS, Network Switches, and Rack, EMC then Installs, Implements, and Maintains the Hardware Node and Common Software ScaleIO.

18. SRS



  • Secure Remote Services (Formally ESRS) is a software-based, secure access point between the EMC and your EMC information infrastructure for remote support activities.
  • Secure Remote Services monitors your EMC products around the clock and automatically notifies EMC Customer Service in case of a problem or potential problem Secure Remote Services provides the requirements for an effective end-to-end remote connectivity solution – automation, authentication, authorization, and audit.
  • The Secure Remote Services lifeline is a heartbeat that pulses at regular intervals, using HTTPS and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) from the application to Dell EMC Customer Service.
  • Secure Remote Services employs multiple security layers throughout each step in the remote connectivity process to ensure you and Dell EMC can use the solution with confidence
  • You can grant or restrict Dell EMC access based on your own unique guidelines and requirements
  • Once a remote session is completed, all activity is captured and stored in a detailed audit log file that helps you maintain compliance with government and industry regulatory requirements.

19. Symmetrix



The Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) is a family of software products that facilitates the data replication from one Symmetrix storage array to another through a storage area network or Internet Protocol (IP) network.

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20. Unity



The Unity Family is the new midrange storage offering made by DELL EMC. Unity sets a new standard for simplicity, modern design, affordable prices, and flexible deployments-to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large and small businesses.

Unity is perfect for mid-size deployments, ROBO, and mixed workload environments that are cost-sensitive. Available in purpose-built (all-flash or hybrid), converged deployment (through VCE), and as a software-defined virtual edition, it is designed for all-flash, delivers the best value. With all-inclusive software, new differentiated features, internet-enabled management (CloudIQ) and modern design, Unity can easily meet powerfully

The Unity platform comes in four All-Flash configurations (Unity 300F, Unity 400F, Unity 500F, Unity 600F) and four Hybrid configurations (Unity 300, Unity 400, Unity 500, and Unity 600). Four new All-Flash configurations (Unity 350F, Unity 450F, Unity 550F, Unity 650F) are available with 4.2 code release on 7/12/2017.

The Unity platform is also available as UnityVSA, a virtual apparatus. Unity is also available as configuration for the VBLOCK and VxRack.

21. VNX Unified

VNX Unified


  • EMC VNX Series: High-performance unified storage with unrivaled simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual uses. You’ll achieve new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management with the VNX Series.
  • The VNX series allows you to leverage file and block data services from a single platform. Centralized management allows simple administration. Data efficiency services reduce up to 50 percent of your capacity requirements.
  • Optimize the integration with VMware and Hyper-V for virtual applications. Ensure that active data is stored automatically on flash drives while tiering less active data to high-capacity drives. EMC VNX Series: High-performance unified storage with unrivaled simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual uses. You’ll achieve new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management with the VNX Series.
  • The VNX series allows you to leverage file and block data services from a single platform. Centralized management allows simple administration. Data efficiency services reduce up to 50 percent of your capacity requirements.
  • Optimize the integration with VMware and Hyper-V for virtual applications. Ensure that active data is stored automatically on flash drives while tiering less active data to high-capacity drives.

22. VNXe



Flexibility is yours with the most affordable all-flash unified storage in the industry: the EMC VNXe3200.

This simple, efficient NAS and SAN array delivers flash pricing at entry-level without compromising on company features. Get MCx multicore optimization, unified snapshots, data replication, automated storage tiering, thin provisioning, file deduplication and compression, simple management, and more.

Be prepared for turbocharging databases, virtual servers, and the performance of transactional applications. With EMC VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Storage, you can add more solid-state drives (SSDs) or easily convert disk drives to a hybrid flash array. Use the included FAST Suite software to get the benefits of flash performance with the disk economics.

Key features:

  • Available in four configurations
  • Delivers up to 75,000 IOPS with predictable flash performance Serves both file and block storage
  • Lets you add disk (SSD, NL-SAS, SAS), easily creating a hybrid flash array Saves space with a compact 2U form factor
  • Supports multiple storage protocols: CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel





  • Deploy a virtualization architecture of the next generation to allow simultaneous access to the information within, between, and across data centers.
  • Move applications, virtual machines, and data between and inside data centers without affecting users. Provide availability of application and data within the data center and over distance with full utilization of infrastructure and zero downtime.
  • Stretch VMware, Oracle RAC, and other industry-leading clusters for new levels of availability over distance. Non-disruptive data migrations allowing for risk-free, faster refreshments of tech, and load balance.
  • Start small and grow on a basis of scalable, highly available processor engines, with predictable service levels.

VPLEX Virtual Edition

  • EMC VPLEX Virtual Edition: Simple, affordable, virtual storage availability platform that deploys on your existing VMware ESXi infrastructure as a set of hardware-independent, virtual appliances and manages the graphical user interface (GUI) via your VMware vSphere.
  • VPLEX Virtual Edition provides accessibility of applications and data over synchronous distance to support the high availability of VMware and tolerance of VMware faults for your mission-critical and business-critical applications.
  • Ensure instant and non-disruptive data mobility of VMware virtual machines (VMs) and applications to support flexible, VMware-distributed resource balancing schedules, and VMware vMotion instantly over distance.
  • Extend VMware and other industry-leading cluster solutions for new levels of accessibility over distance.

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24. VxBlock



VxBlock 1000 integrates powerful Dell EMC storage and data protection into a converged turnkey system that supports all of your high-value, mission-critical workloads – from the core data center to the cloud. It helps you to modernize your IT infrastructure quickly and simplify it on a scale, so you can focus on innovation and gain more value from your data.

25. vxRack Flex


VxRack System with FLEX Nodes powered by EMC ScaleIO virtualizes direct-attached storage of the internal node into shared network-based block storage similar to SAN storage.

  • Software-defined storage utilizing commodity hardware for block storage
  • EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Start small and grow to extreme scale (1000+ nodes)
  • Hyper-visor agnostic

26. VXRack SDDC



Dell EMC VxRack SDDC provides the easiest and fastest way to rack-scale a complete VMware-based data center (SDDC) software-defined environment. This hyper-converged turnkey system is fully integrated with hardware and software and built on the 14th-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge server platform based on Dell EMC VxRail. Powered by the latest VMware Cloud Foundation software, VxRack SDDC reduces the cost of acquiring and operating deployments from the VMware Cloud Foundation while introducing the performance, flexibility and automation needed to make IT departments more agile.

27. VxRail



  • VxRail is a complete cloud architecture tailored to your unique infrastructure and application needs, delivered straight to you by your trusted IT reseller
  • VxRail takes the time-consuming guesswork out of cloud deployment. It also eliminates the need for many of the design and implementation steps
  • Upfront savings on best-in-class fully tested cloud solutions
  • Advantages such as simple centralization of your desktops, applications, and data can help unlock the full productivity of any worker regardless of the time, device, or location

28. XtremIO



XtremIO is an all-flash storage array designed from the ground up to unlock the full performance potential of flash and deliver array-based capabilities that leverage unique SSD features, based on flash media.

To deliver unparalleled levels of performance, XtremIO uses industry-standard components and proprietary intelligent software. Achievable performance ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of IOPS, and consistently low latency of less than one millisecond. * The system is also designed to provide minimal planning, with a user-friendly interface that makes the array easy to supply and manage.

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