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ZL Unified Archive provides a complete solution to your eDiscovery obligations. Legal teams can collect and preserve documents at the click of a button, as well as send and track preservation notifications to relevant custodians. As Unified Archive includes one of the fastest and most thorough search engines in the world, legal teams can take advantage of powerful culling tools such as automatic classification, bulk tagging, and faceted search to dramatically lower the number of documents to be reviewed. ZL Unified Archive also includes a complete document review platform that leverages automatic issue coding, keyword and concept searches, discussion threading and visual clustering to enhance reviewer efficiency and productivity.

Unified Archive combines ZL’s technical expertise with the best practices of the legal community to effectively manage risk while maintaining a fully defensible audit trail of all actions taken.


  • Complete Case Management: Send and track litigation hold notices and questionnaires to key custodians. ZL’s software automatically sends reminders on a configurable schedule and includes a complete audit trail of every action taken within the system for full defensibility and reporting.
  • Eliminate Legal Risk: Unified Archive instantly collects and preserves existing documents across the organization at the click of a button. The solution can automatically preserve and classify all newly-created documents to eliminate the risk of spoliation.
  • Seamless EDRM Experience: Manage the entirety of eDiscovery from a single platform, using a single data copy. As Unified Archive is one integrated product that can view and access documents from your entire enterprise, legal teams can accomplish the entire eDiscovery workflow without moving or processing any data.
  • True Early Case Assessment: Whether you choose to archive documents or manage them in place, Unified Archive offers instant access to all of the company’s data. This allows true early case assessment so legal teams can view potentially damaging documents long before formulating a discovery plan.
  • Decrease Review Costs: Reduce the number of documents to be reviewed with powerful investigative searching, de-duplication, and automatic issue coding.
  • Integrated Production: Unified Archive allows users to redact documents, automatically generates a privilege log and Bates labels documents for production.