Free Storage Performance and Capacity Monitoring – STOR2RRD

Free Storage Performance Monitoring: One of the important elements is to manage systems from multiple different vendors, especially in larger environments. Most companies end up in the same situation, with changing purchasing policies and objectives over the years resulting in a number of different Vendors having storage systems. Monitoring all the various systems and keeping track of their efficiency and safety can be a challenge because each vendor has its own set of instruments.

That’s where Xorux aims to help administrators with STOR2RRD, a single product. You can get a single web-based interface by using STOR2RRD that allows you to view the performance of all of your different systems.

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STOR2RRD ‘s traditional deployment model is a web server and application server on both a Linux or Unix OS. If you are allergic to black and white, don’t be afraid as an appliance-shaped simple deployment method is available. The appliance comes in Hyper-V and VMware flavors, and the web server and framework components are convenient to include, i.e. you only need to install one appliance. The software is open source and can be downloaded for free. A host version of the drug is also available from SAAS.

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Add into Storage Systems

When the deployment is complete, you can then connect it to the storage network that you need to track. The method of adding to your storage system differs according to the Vendor. I’ll run by adding a High-Level 3PAR as an example:

  • Create account read-only on 3PAR
  • Add storage to STOR2RRD app configuration
  • Create SSH key pairs using the utility ssh-keygen

Good so you made the effort to deploy it, what now? The dashboard view again gives you a good feeling as you can track from one location a large number of products.


The platform supports storage of enterprise-level by major data vendors such as IBM, Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, Hitachi, Lenovo, Pure Data, Huawei, Dot Hill, INFINIDAT, Fujitsu, DataCore, Quantum

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You can download a free copy of STOR2RRD if you are interested.

Final Thoughts

STOR2RRD is a free and open-source tool for SAN and health monitoring of storage performance. XORUX develops the tool. STOR2RRD supports the most vendor’s large variety of SAN switches and SAN storage. The tool gives you end-to-end views of your storage system like LAN and SAN and can save a significant amount of money in tracking operations and predicting bottlenecks of usage in your virtualized network.  You can also create policy-based notifications, monitor your system’s overall health status, reduce downtime on operation, use power, and forecast data.