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Could you make sure that your data are 100% available?

Hitachi Vantara We agree that a productive databased company needs constantly available knowledge to employees and clients.
Hitachi Vantara

Take advantage of our 100% digital data storage for Hitachi  Vantara Virtual Storage Platforms

Increasing software accessibility interruption jeopardizes the generation of sales, product reputations, and contractile obligations. To be competitive and to pursue creativity for your company, you need to insure that the base of your market network is always open. The 100%  assurance that the company complies with its specifications for data quality for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family systems. When data is lost due to a fault in the retrieval system that makes it impossible to read and write data, the business will be compensated with new devices.

Under this warranty is qualifying for our pure flash VSP F and hybrid VSP G storage systems. VSP G350, VSP G370, VSP G400, VSP G600, VSP G700, VSP G800, VSP G900 and VSP G1500 and VSP F350, VSP F400, VSP VF600, VSP F700, VSP F800 and VSP F900 and VSP F1500 are the most important components.

The VSP family is based on the latest storage technology in the industry. It provides the price, capacity, and level of performance required to meet your company’s unique requirements with reliable business abilities. Hitachi storage systems have been approved without single points and multiple levels of redundancy, backed by 20 years of expertise and over 4 000 industry-leading space-age patents.

We develop them with the new constructive warnings to resolve problems prior to failure and carry out extensive quality assurance tests before release. Hitachi storage solutions effectively allow thousands of companies to access data throughout the world. The VSP community provides unprecedented performance and reliability.

Data Availability Solutions affect Long-Term Company Reputation

A key decision and expenditure to choose the right solution can impact the company’s long-term health.

  •  The average price of a data center outage is $740,357.
  • The time of total unplanned outages averages 130 minutes.
  • The Incremental cost per minute of unplanned outages averages nearly $9,000 per incident.
  • Business disruption lost revenue and end-user productivity loss makes up 80% of downtime losses.

Hitachi Vantara

The potential impact downtime has on loss of information access:

  • The companies that supply equipment can’t ship and mostly ship products to other businesses. All organizations may be subject to fines or punishments.
  • The employees are idle. This is lost time that impacts time-to-market for new offerings.
  • Businesses can participate in the loss of online sales and potential new customers.
  • When the collapse is extreme, the company will receive negative attention from the media and possibly lose existing and new clients.

Rise Availability Beyond the Data Center

The globally mobile tools to provide effective clusters over regional or metro ranges to organizations that aim to improve organizational continuity. This method provides high quality and continuous data access activities to guarantee the accessibility and reliability of critical business applications.

Applications control the second copy of data locally or between subway locations. Global-active systems dynamically control processes and provide unprecedented stability while minimizing downtime to mission-critical data and applications. A study of our customers shows the significant improvement in information quality and performance of Hitachi’s VSP solutions.

  • It’s Over 30% of experience increases data availability.
  • Over 50% purchased VSPs over competitors’ systems for security.
  • Over 50% shared that our 100% availability guarantee was key to their purchase.

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As IT grows, the increasing sophistication requires a high level of accessibility. We also developed market-leading hardware and software with complementary services in order to overcome these challenges. Our processing expertise supports you to create and implement an integrated solution to your particular needs.


Software accessibility is a critical factor from our point of view. We have never encountered failures with our processing systems since we started utilizing Hitachi Vantara technologies more than six years ago. It gives a clear, competitive edge to Hitachi’s quality.