How to Collect Technical Support Information (SANnav Collect Logs) from SANnav

A Brocade command supportsave saves a wealth of logs and information that can be useful when troubleshooting a problem. Also, running a supportsave before upgrading the firmware on a switch is a recommended procedure, so that you have the necessary information to hand in case there is a problem. Supportsave needs an FTP server to upload the logs to, if you don’t have an FTP server, use Putty, you can link to the switch and choose to transfer the data to a register, and instead run a help display.

Procedure steps to collect Support save from the SANnav tool

How to collect technical support information(Sannav collect logs) from Sannav


From the SANnav Management Portal:

Click the Settings icon > Services > SANnav Support Data Collection.
Click the Generate button.
The Generate Support Save dialog box displays.
Select one of the following radio-button options (for technical support the “full” button) and click OK.


After Support Data Collection is generated. The files are listed under Generated Support Data
Files in the Support Data Collection page.

NOTE: The Generate button is in a disabled state while support data collection is in progress.

The support data collection files can be downloaded from the same SANnav Support Data Collection page.
Select the file to download and click the download button.


Via CLI:

1. Change directory to the supportsave directory in the install directory: follow the path below

[[email protected] /]# cd SANnav/Portal_x.x.x.x_rc_bldxx/bin/supportsave

[[email protected] supportsave]# ./supportsave
********************************** Support Data CLI
1) Logs Only
2) Logs and Database
3) Exit

#? 2

SupportSave triggered to collect Logs and Database

3. The support save *.zip file will be in the support save directory, situated under the install directory. list for the files

[[email protected] supportsave]#ls -l

Note that once the support data collection is finished the file will also show up on the SANnav Management portal.

4. The files can be copied from the server using Winscp software

SANnav, Guidelines on How to Install it.

Recommended training for the install is the Brocade training which you can find on their portal:

SANnav Management Portal Installation (SANnIN-220):


When preparing for SANnav, there are a couple of software requirements that need to be met, before and during the install.

3 items need to be checked BEFORE unzipping and staring the install.

  • “hostname -i” check if the hostname is resolved in IP address.
  •  “umask 0022” check the settings of permissions on the new files to be created. Permissions will be set to rw / rw.
  • “elasticsearch – nofile 65536” check the setting of limits for the user.

Final Thoughts

This manual describes how to monitor and manage your network storage area (SAN) using Brocade SANnav Management. SANnav Global-View Portal & Brocade. This Guide also contains procedures for deployment.
Information pertaining to both SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global-View items is included in this document. Simply referred to as “SANnav,” while knowledge pertaining to one or the other only refers to a particular commodity.

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