How to Ready for a Disaster Readiness – Data Protection

“Disaster’s are never good. They are always bad. Fire, flood, or vandalism strikes when you least expect, but NavigateStorage can show you how to plan the contingencies and be prepare to recover efficiently and effectively.”

Disasters can take many shapes.  Fire, water damage or vandalism can be just devastating to a business as a hurricane or tornado.  And protecting your infrastructure, programs, and data takes time, discipline and investment.  Rather than speak to disaster recovery, we would prefer to talk about disaster readiness.  As the boy scouts say, “Be Prepared.”  Here are just a few of the ways to do that.

  • Utilized Continuous Data Protection for SQL, Exchange and Files to enable you to always recover your data.       Place repositories local and remote.
  •  Archive valuable E-Mail, Instant Messages, and Files to local and remote archives
  • Utilize our local or global clustering solution which is significantly more affordable than MS Clustering, less complex and fails over and back seamlessly.
  • Backup to disk for the faster business resumption and use tape for weekly and monthly archive copies
  • Replicate key application data from primary storage over the WAN to secondary storage/
  • Protect your infrastructure from Viruses and Spyware with our market-leading product from Kaspersky
  •  Practice data recovery on a regularly scheduled basis – Be Prepared