Kaspersky Open Space Security_Multi-tier Protection

Kaspersky Open Space Security

Kaspersky Open Space Protection is software range that provides protection protections for all forms of endpoints in the network – from mobile devices to servers. The Kaspersky Open Space Security Kit includes an administration server that performs centralized application storage and management, the network agent installed on the network node to be managed, and the administration console, the user interface to server and agent running services.

The product package comprises portal, application, workstation, and mobile security defense devices. The Kaspersky Management Kit is the control console using over the output of the agent for setup, monitoring, recording, and real-time visibility.


The loading of the server application is now very quick via the automatic installation process. All components needed – database, dependencies, and implementation of Microsoft MS SQL 2005 Express. After the server load, a Deployment Wizard guides users through initial system configuration, application discovery, and database load development.

The integration of Active Directory (AD) is high and even facilitates deployment through a policy of AD Groups. The user interface has been revamped and is very effective but some of its implementations can be complicated. The product works as a traditional anti-virus solution, scanning incoming and outgoing. The data traffic for malicious content, including email, web traffic and interactions with the network.


It included the ability to create a single software kit, a streamlined user interface that included a panel of tests, a view of notifications and statistics. The ability to gather information about the applications installed with AD on client computers and group management is also new. Reporting upgrade, including the ability to generate custom reports and export to PDF or XML formats.

The sale price provides five days week/13 hours of telephone support per day. The additional support levels are available at a fee.

The scalability, monitoring, good documentation and alert of the platform allow this a strong anti-virus approach for the organization. It also incorporates with Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control) the association of anti-virus status with NAC issued rules.