Memblaze PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe SSD Review

Over the years people are using a wide range of devices that can store valuable documents, pictures as well as videos. But, as time pass; more data needs to be stored. The space in our computer as well as other devices tends to reduce. Then the concept of memory enhancement came. NVMe or the Non-Volatile Memory express is a driver or a communication interface that is set for boosting the storage capacity and increasing the efficiency of the device. NVMe SSD is used for successful performance within the client systems of several enterprises.

Memblaze is the popping name from which we have seen several enterprise SSDs. There have been various serious of this brand. Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series NVMe SSD is the latest in the market. Thus, the tech-savvy people are quite eager to know the review of this latest model. In this content we are going to discuss NVMe SSD price, maximum capacity of its operation, the performance strengths of the SSD, data integrity, and much more.

Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series NVMe SSD Review

There has been an announcement by Memblaze for the launch of the NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series. It comes with 96 layers of eTLC NAND. The device has a volume size of up to 7.86 TB. It comes with leading-edge technology when the performance characteristic is concerned. As the particular NVMe SSD uses a cx8 PCIe connection, it can easily run up to 5.9 GB/ sec. The users can easily understand its large capacity. Moreover, this configuration gives a high range of NVMe SSD speed. The Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series also comes with 9, 70,000 IOPS.

This latest series of Memblaze adopts the 96 layers 3D eTLC NAND. Moreover, it comes with a higher capacity model with an extension of up to 7.68TB. The storage systems of this series come with the added bandwidth. The Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series have 4 groups. It includes PBlaze5 D926, PBlaze5 D920, PBlaze5 C926, and PBlaze5 C920. The perfect system integration is carried on by the makers of the NVMe SSD IOPS.

Data consistency and storage

The PBlaze5 920 series is available with the two endurance rating. One variation comes with a single driver write per day ( DWPD). The other one is with 3 drivers write per day. As a result, distinctly 4 different drives are created. Where the segmentation takes place as per the endurance as well as the form factor. The data consistency as well as the storage performance is quite high. There will be the further designation of the form factor. They are C920 and C926. Among them, the C920 variation is much more read centric. Unlike other previously made devices, this one is very well known for its consistent performance.  The NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series comes with 5.9 Gb read bandwidth.

Usually, people look for the NVMe SSD 1tb. But the latest NVMe SSD Samsung can give you the storage of 7 times capacity or more. The NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series comes with a high-performance variation. Whether it is used in support center with average latency or a big corporate house more storage need, this is the wonderful SSD series that suites all needs. It brings out the peak score with perfect data protection, high consistent performancehigh reliability, flexible storage solutions in storage devices, high endurance in various enterprise systems.

Features of NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920

  • The NVMe SSD comes with 96 layer 3D NAND
  • It provides storage up to 7.68TB in a single disk
  • Overall throughput is up to 5.9GB/sec
  • The series comes with 32 encryption keys and 32 namespaces
  • The user gets the firmware upgrade without a reset, with latest firmware version comes with QoS improvement along with the quota by namespace
  • Review model has size management in the variable sector
  • T10 PI end to end-user data protection
  • Also, support NVMe reservation with a dual-port support system
  • The series comes with variable sector size management
  • It has the enterprise TRIM function of up to 8TB/s

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Variable sector size management

The variable sector size (VSS) in this series uses metadata to transfer user data. The PBlaze5 920 series can easily support the variations of 512, 520, 4096, 4104, 4160 bytes VSS. This also means that the variation can carry 8 bytes or 64 bytes of metadata. As a result, the enterprise will get stable performance in high storage infrastructure. Also, it has the advantage of the high reliability of data.

Firmware upgrade without reset

The firmware upgrade is an important consideration when the version is no more in use. This requires a cold start of the server before the user restarts with each module of the particular business system. Usually, such a business system is quite complex and prone to errors. The NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series is such an advanced variation that has the capacity of supporting the firmware upgrade.  Sometimes it is likely to have I/O operations in the business system. In such a situation also it is quite likely for this series to complete the firmware upgrade. Previously, when upgrades take place the entire system is engaged. Thus, there is no chance for the business to run at that particular point in time. But, this PBlaze5 920 series can do the upgrade without shutting down the business operation.

Performance consistency with outstanding QoS

Through the NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series, it is quite possible to realize a smooth transition under various conditions. The conditions include the state of the empty disk to steady-state, 4k random write, mutual conversion between the sequential write, and the random write. As a result, it becomes very clear that the devices have a stable performance. Also, it is free from all the strong jitters. Another positive point of the NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series is the fact that the GC read efficiency of the device is quite improved and has the great efficiency of execution.

The feature like superior QoS consistency of the PBlaze5 920 series will keep the customer satisfied. They won’t have the risk of poor user experience. There can be problems with rising and falling business amount. This can be due to individual overlong I/O processing time of the SSD. Also, a good i/O QoS indeed helps in providing a guarantee to the overall QoS improvement with regards to cloud computing as well as the storage system.

The announcement by the PBlaze5 920 series

The makers of the NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series SSD has made some distinct announcements. The brand new device comes with 3D eTLC NAND. This means the capacity of higher Endurance storage. The superior drive capacity is also one of the featured announcements of the NVMe SSD.  The 96 layer comes with 2.5 inch U.2 and HHHL add-in card as its form factors. The customers using this series can easily get a high-performance storage solution. The performance spectrum within the solid-state drive is flexible as well as built effectively in even the critical application scenarios. The introducer also quotes the delivery of very impressive reads that reach up to 5.9GB. it also comes with the latency of 90 μs and 12 μs. This is for both the read and writes purpose. The device also comes with the feature of full data path protection. This also comes with a great compatibility feature. This not only has the facility of improving physical users but also the virtual users’ performance. Thus, as compared to its previous version, Memblaze PBlaze5 916, the 920 model is one of the best.

Another purpose of reconstructing the new series of NVMe SSD is addressing the real deployments. This is going to be multi-application deployment in a single drive. “Quota by Namespace” is a great introduction that will easily support the PBlaze 920 series.

This is the wonderful feature of the SSD that deals with the quota operation and carries it to the namespace of the NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series. It also selects the namespace but that depends upon the application priority. As a result, in several application scenarios optimizing and expansion can take place. There is also a benefit of different namespaces on a new SSD. This will help the namespace with high priority tasks to have access to wider I/O resources.

Even after the drive firmware updates, NVMe SSD PBlaze5 920 series comes with the no reboot feature. As a result, one can enjoy continuous storage capacity. The operation process will be simplified with this technique. The maintenance cost, as well as the cost of IT system operation, will be reduced. The networking capabilities increases and also the critical application process takes its boosts. The user experiences with the PBlaze5 920 series is going to be great.

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An individual or a company willing to get a device from the market will always have a look at the other products, compare all of them, and then decide on the suitable one that suits them. Thus, when getting an SSD from the market, it is always important to compare the features and specifications with other products available in the market. In this connection, NVMe SSD vs SATA SSD is going to be an important consideration. NVMe or the Non-Volatile Memory Express is the name of an interface that is meant for the solid-state drives (SSD). It usually works with the PCI Express (PCIe) to transfer the data right from the SSDs. Through this system, rapid storage can be done effectively. But, SATA SSD is used when it is observed that the HDDs of the slower capacity are used for storing huge data.

The NVMe SSD comes with high transfer speed and low latency. It is durable with better user experience and more durability in storage use. One will also be happy to get no sound of the moving parts. On the other hand, the SATA SSD uses the AHCI command protocol. This was previously not as effective as it used for the older variety of spinning disk drive that was sluggish. Thus, the storage was not at all sturdy. But the advantage with the SATA SSD is the fact that it has less cost per gigabyte and can hold data for a longer time. It is also said that the recent days advanced NVMe does not support the ports of SATA. Thus, the users with a primitive variety of interfaces need to have an M.2 port. But, this is quite difficult to find in recent days’ personal computers of the users.

Online shopping of NVMe SSD

The world has become very advanced. People prefer online shopping rather than physical shopping. Thus, you can easily get a wide range of storage devices as well as other accessories online. Several shopping sites can provide a wide range of products belonging to several categories. NVMe SSD Samsung is one of the popular products under the trusted name of Samsung. The NVMe SSD 500GB is one of the varieties that are available in the online shopping sites. The products available online comes with data encryption, low latency, flash memory, dual port, etc. Thus, one can easily get the product with several features and usability. You can easily compare various types, one of which is  NVMe SSD vs M.2.  To have a better user experience, each online website has various products. The customers can easily choose the one that they like and purchase the same according to their wishes. People willing to have a single drive SSD can also get the same from the market. The comparison between several varieties of SSD is one of the wonderful ways to smartly choose the best one of your choice.


NVMe is known as the latest protocol that high performing in nature. This is also known to have superseded the AHCI. Another characteristic of NVMe SSD is the fact that it complements the PCIe technology. The protocol also uses the optimized command with a particular storage base. This is mostly used when the organization has to deal with mission-critical. Thus, it is important to have a look at the facts on NVMe SSD vs PCIe SSD.  PCIe or the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express is the latest storage system that comes with high bandwidth. This facilitates you by connecting with SSDs, CPUs, GPUs, network cards, sound cards, etc. The organization prefers PCIe as the speed of the same is 3 times faster than the older variation named as SATA. There are several versions of PCIe SSD in the market. PCIe 4.0 is the fourth generation interface. The latest one namely PCIe 5.0 is the 5 generation variation expected to be launch in the year 2020. This will have better bandwidth and technical enhancements.

Specification of Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series

The brand new Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series comes with a wide range of specifications. If you are looking for continuous storage system services this is the variation you must avail. Let’s go ahead with some of the specifications:

  • The user capacity (TB) – 3.84- 7.86 TB
  • It comes with the form factor of 2.5 inches U.2
  • Sequential read and write 128 kb – 3.5 and 3.3
  • Sustained random read – 825k
  • Sustained random write- 140k
  • Lifetime higher endurance- 1 DWPD
  • NAND flash memory- 3D eTLC NAND
  • Operation systems- Ubuntu, VMware ESXi, RHEL, CentOS, Window Server

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The testing background and compatibility of Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series

The user would like to get the systems that are time tested in nature. Thus, it is very important to have a good testing background. After some research as well as trials some facts have come in front. The Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series has flexible architecture in a compatible environment. This can also be compared with the administrators in real deployments. There will be the incorporation of the test labs in a wide range of servers, power conditioning, networking, etc. It is true for critical applications. The networking capabilities are so good that even virtual users get a positive impact. The staff of the business system can easily establish a condition of the real world that will help to have a track on the performance during a specific review.

Also, the case study plays a vital role in proving the worth of the SSD. All information related to the protocols and lab environment is furnished to the IT professionals. They would further review and analyze the actual condition within the distributed file systems. The latest bandwidth of the device as well as performance is found one after another. The high data reliability requirements are fulfilled as well. It brings out the superior performance level of the storage system.

Application of Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series

The use of the Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series can be observed in a high availability storage system. It can be used in the following areas:

  • In the process of indexing, searching, and CDN
  • Software-defined storage
  • The high performing storage system
  • Easy system integration
  • Taxing, banking
  • High-performance hyper-scale and cloud computing
  • High-frequency trading
  • Software-defined storage
  • Online payment application

The brand new drive is known for variable sector size management. The business houses have the task of computing finance. But, dealing with the same is not easy. The Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series have been found by many users that come with the benefit of easy system integration. It is the Series Enterprise-Class NVMe SSD that comes with wonderful overall execution efficiency. The users willing to know more about must study the internet. The reviews and specifications of the brand new series are worth viewing. If you want to go for online shopping, you can easily have a look at the additional details of the characteristics and specifications. The Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series is said to support the sizes like 512, 520, 4096, 4104, and 4160 bytes. The device ensures high consistency performance with the next application benchmark.

Once you have a look at the additional details you can find more facts about the same. The manufacturer of the storage device has also observed the same from the business point of view. Data protection of an organization is an important consideration. The makers of the NVMe SSD have kept this point in their minds. How much application workload can a device take, is again an important consideration? The corporate industry tends data leakage as well as corruption. The rival companies are always eager to get valuable information from their competitors. This is a situation where data corruption can easily take place. But the brand new Memblaze SSD series has the efficiency to prevent it.

Every business is benefitted with the features of the Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series. Through this, one can easily enable the business to get a flexible storage solution with the jet fast speed and great reliability. These are for the mission-critical. But, there is also a backblock in it. Despite such advanced features and the technological boost, the Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series can become the victim of the physical SSD failures as well as with regards to its logical failures. Thus, the data of the critical user will become inaccessible. But, nothing to worry about it as well as the businessmen facing such a situation can easily contact the professional data recovery services. Through this, it will be quite easier for the individual to get their valuable data back in the right place.

Final Thoughts

The makers of Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series have dwelt it with a wide range of features. Right from the capacity of storage until the reliability factor, the brand new series of the NVMe SSD has made the general public as well as the businessmen happy. The series also comes with the flexible architecture which is meant for conducting the benchmark of several storage devices. The series is been compared with other options available in the market in the same price range. The maximum points were received by the Memblaze PBlaze5 920 series. The storage series is also going to be well known for network power conditioning, network infrastructure. The staff working within an organization will be able to see the real-world conditions. The performance during the review is worth mentioning.