NextVault, Online Back Up and Recovery Services

NextVault, a leading online data storage, archiving and disaster recovery services provider, announced Free Online Data Backup for Small and Medium-sized (SMB) companies.

Being a small business ourselves, we are with them on the ground and in the trenches and understand how the downturn in the economy has caused the SMB to change so much. We hope that providing free service for the rest of the year will provide some consolation to businesses that have been putting off proper data security online, fearing to be unable to manage it.

SMBs are at high risk for loss of data and business interruptions as they have limited resources available to focus on anything but their core business function. Apply that to the challenging economy and external pressures on the SMB owner these days and there is never a good data backup at the top of the priority list.

It is our own stimulus plan to support SMBs through the revival of the American economy. We strongly believe that if companies know their key assets, their records, they will stay focused on delivering their products and services. To help the economy stabilize and rest easy knowing that if they emerge from some unfortunate event, they will be recoverable, “Harris said.” With the economic future still unclear, NextVault’s free online data storage.

NextVault Online Backup & Recovery  Service


NextVault Backup

 NextVault Backup:

NextVault is a leading online data storage, archiving and retrieval service provider. They deliver comprehensive and affordable solutions to small, medium and large businesses as an innovative service provider. NextVault promises secure online backup and quick access to data in the event of loss or disaster, tailored to the needs of any business in today’s uncertain world, through its network of partners, resellers and data centers.