9 Most Important Things You Should Know About Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage has created the industry’s first flash-optimized storage engineered from the ground up for maximum efficiency. Nimble Storage solutions integrate the exceptional performance of flash with the favorable economics of high-capacity hard disk drives—making it ideal for storing and protecting data for all of your critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, server virtualization, and VDI.


It is built on the patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture and delivers:

  • Accelerated performance for higher throughput/IOPS and sub-millisecond latencies
  • Higher storage efficiency—reducing the storage footprint needed by 30 to 75 percent
  • A non-disruptive scaling-to-fit changing application needs through increased performance, or capacity, or both
  • Maximized data and storage availability with integrated data protection and disaster recovery
  • Simplified storage management and reduced day-to-day operational overhead

CASL Architecture

Nimble Storage solutions are built on its patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture.
CASL leverages the unique properties of flash and disk to deliver high performance and capacity – all within a dramatically small footprint. CASL and InfoSight™ form the foundation of the Adaptive Flash platform, which allows for the dynamic and intelligent deployment of storage resources to meet the growing demands of business-critical applications. Read the nimble storage product brief:


Key Innovations from CASL

Flexible Flash Scaling

Flexibly scale flash to satisfy the changing performance demands of today’s business-critical applications.

Dynamic Flash-Based Read Caching

CASL caches “hot” active data onto SSD in real-time—without the need to set complex policies. This way it can instantly respond to read requests—as much as 10X faster than traditional bolt-on or tiered approach to flash.

Write-Optimized Data Layout

CASL collects or coalesces random writes, compresses them, and writes them sequentially to disks. This results in write operations that are as much as 100x faster than traditional disk-based storage.

Inline Compression

CASL compresses data as it is written to the array with no performance impact. It takes advantage of efficient variable block compression and multicore processors. A recent measurement of our installed base shows average compression rates from 30 to 75 percent for a variety of workloads.

Scale-to-Fit Flexibility

CASL allows for the non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity. This is accomplished by either upgrading the storage controller (compute) for higher throughput, moving to larger flash SSD (cache) to accommodate more active data, or by adding storage shelves to boost capacity. This flexible scaling eliminates the need for disruptive forklift upgrades.


Scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array by seamlessly clustering any combination of Nimble Storage hybrid arrays. Eliminate capacity silos and performance hotspots, and easily manage all hardware resources across the cluster as a single storage entity.

Snapshots and Integrated Data Protection

CASL can take thousands of point-in-time instant snapshots of volumes by creating a copy of the volumes’ indices. Any updates to existing data or new data written to a volume redirect to free space. This means there is no performance impact due to snapshots and snapshots take little incremental space as only changes maintain. This also simplifies restoring snapshots, as no data needs to be copied.

Efficient Replication

Nimble Storage efficiently replicates data to another array by transferring compressed, block-level changes only. These remote copies can make active if the primary array becomes unavailable. This makes deploying disaster data recovery easy and affordable – especially over a WAN to a remote array where bandwidth is limit.

Zero-Copy Clones

Nimble Storage arrays can create snapshot-based read/writeable clones of existing volumes instantly. These clones benefit from fast read and write performance, making them ideal for demanding applications such as VDI or test/development.

9 Things To Know About Nimble Storage

Solid-state drive technology is widely seen in products such as tablets, notebooks, and servers, but has also revolutionized the landscape of the storage array. economic benefits, Flash storage has grown in popularity. Nimble Storage is a pioneer in the storage space business. Nimble Storage is built around risk reduction, reliability improvement, and maximizing the productivity of your infrastructure and IT teams, while also giving your organization a competitive edge and making it easier for employees to work.

Enterprise Storage

When was the last time you gave an in-depth and thorough review of your storage solutions?

Enterprise storage solution that you use for your organization, ensuring that the brain of your operations works smoothly and that data flows where it is needed when it is needed. An enterprise storage checkup will assess a storage system’s output and show how well a system suits the business.

There are 9 things about Nimble storage.

1. Nimble Storage is simple to manage

Nimble Storage was designed to be user-friendly. The arrays automate and made simpler. There is no need to know the level of the raid, the types of drive and what to put where. The array design to know those requirements.

2. Nimble Infosight pays attention.

It not only lists your array but also monitors the health of your virtual environment. Infosight can alert you if a VM is poorly performing and IT managers are alert until they know something is wrong. It can recommend when to proactively attach further data, cache, or output. Documents can produce for presentations or demands to be backed up need.

 3. Dedupe support

Nimble’s latest OS (5.0.3) now supports spinning-disk deduction and compression. Get maximum out of your investment. This software is even backward compatible with older models, so you can benefit more from the investment in storage. It allows IT teams to pack more data into a smaller space to save power, cooling, and space charges.

4. Nimble is both a scale-up and a scale-out array.

To increase your storage, it is easy to add shelves and drives or to combine up to 4 arrays. This gives you the maximum flexibility in the expansion and design of the storage.

5.Less than 1 minute hold time before you reach a level 3 engineer

With level 1 support no one likes to waste time on the phone. Get to the issue faster as well as a faster and better resolution.

6.86% of open cases are auto close with a solution.

Nimble Storage helps you quickly and easily. A lot of problems have seen in the settings of other people. Nimble helps addresses these issues and is able to resolve them with known/proven approaches quickly. Nimblewill also proactively alert you of any challenges you may experience, so you can prevent disruption or environmental impacts.

7. Tightly integrates with Veeam.

That provides the backups with the most flexibility. Veeam integrated snapshots, replication knowledge and validated results allow fast completion of your backups and encourage you to use your backups for more than just restore them. You will spin bubble systems to check upgrades/updates or new applications without disrupting the atmosphere in which you work.

8. All-flash arrays support triple parity.

You will lose a limit of 4 drives without data loss! One of the most robust arrays in the industry with an uptime of 6x9s.

9.Quick setup and one of the fastest times to provisioning.

Our engineers will launch your stack and configure it in no time. This enables you to provide quicker capacity in your system and develop your infrastructure faster to make the business more agile. No more weeks to wait for implementation.

Nimble Storage is an essential tool that contributes to digital transformation, and solution that needs to be considered in initiatives to modernize data centers. It brings benefits to wide variety of environments and is flexible enough for many other technologies to play well. Speak to WEI, a supplier of IT systems, and HPE Platinum Member, to see if Nimble aligns with your enterprise storage needs and how it works in your IT environment.

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