NTFS Files Continuous Data Protection

TimeSpring’s TimeData for NTFS provides file-based Continuous Data Protection for NTFS on file servers, including popular file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and PDF documents. As data is written, or file attributes change, we capture these changes and maintain time-dimensioned attribute “version history” for protected files.

Because protection is continuous and automated, you can retrieve file server files that get deleted, overwritten or damaged whenever you need them. Retrieval is as simple as pointing to the time or version of the file you require, clicking and retrieving. Versioned files provide saved file versions, and are very useful in overcoming the all-too-common error whereby users save a new file version over an old one when they intended to rename the new one.

File attributes and permissions are always respected, and file versions retrieved retain the same attributes that they had at the time of creation.

Our CDP solution provides you with the ability to retire data from the repository after a desired period of time has elapsed, thereby supporting corporate policies for data retention and information lifecycle management.