SAN Storage- Power Path Policy

Dell EMC PowerPath is a family of software products that ensures consistent application availability and performance across I/O paths on physical and virtual platforms.


EMC PowerPath is a family of software products that ensures consistent application availability and performance across I/O paths on physical and virtual platforms.

It provides automated path management and tools that enable you to satisfy aggressive service-level agreements without investing in additional infrastructure. PowerPath includes PowerPath Migration Enabler for non-disruptive data migrations and PowerPath Viewer for monitoring and troubleshooting I/O paths.

EMC PowerPath is supported on VNXe and VNX hosts running Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Microsoft Windows.

EMC PowerPath/VE is compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V-based virtual environments. It can be used together with EMC PowerPath to perform the following functions in both physical and virtual environments:

  • Standardize Path Management: Optimize I/O paths in physical and virtual environments (PowerPath/VE) as well as cloud deployments.
  • Optimize Load Balancing: Adjust I/O paths to dynamically re balance your application environment for peak performance.
  • Increase Performance: Leverage your investment in physical and virtual environment by increasing headroom and scalability.
  • Automate Failover/Recovery: Define failover and recovery rules that route application requests to alternative resources in the event of component failures or user errors.

Multipathing Business Challenges

With constrained IT budgets and the rush to virtualization for better resource utilization, many IT organizations are challenged to ensure application availability and performance while maximizing server, storage, and data path utilization. Multiple vendor arrays, operating systems, and virtual platforms—as well as ever-increasing virtual machine sprawl—compound the problem. Somehow you are expected to provide predictable and consistent application availability and performance across this diverse collection of platforms. What you need is flexible, automated, operational processes and tools to standardize management of your data paths to meet your service-level agreements and scale-out your mission-critical applications.

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Standardize Path Management

EMC PowerPath is used by many customers and is the leading path-management solution worldwide. Deploy PowerPath into existing infrastructure, and instead of using multiple-point solutions, standardize on a single offering across your evolving physical and virtual environments—with support for heterogeneous servers, operating systems, and storage, including qualified non-EMC arrays. Leverage PowerPath application-transparent failover to insulate core business operations from any disruption caused by a faulty data path. Automatically optimize physical and logical I/O paths by using sophisticated load-balancing algorithms to ensure consistent and predictable application availability and performance. PowerPath supports dynamic reconfiguration of the storage environment and gets the most out of existing resources. In addition, EMC E-Lab™ tested interoperability assures PowerPath multiplying support for many combinations of servers, operating systems, and storage.

Key Features:

Powerpath Features/benefits

Features Benefits
Standardized path management Unifies management across heterogeneous physical and virtual environments
Optimized load balancing Adjusts I/O paths constantly to leverage all available data paths for best performance—and to monitor and rebalance the dynamic environment
Automated I/O path failover and recovery Keeps the environment and applications running in the event of a failure

PowerPath Family Essentials

  • Standardize data path management across physical and virtual environments, and grow without purchasing more infrastructure
  • Automate multipathing policies and load balancing to provide predictable and consistent application availability and performance across physical and virtual environments
  • Improve service-level agreements by eliminating application impact from I/O failures

PowerPath Migration Essentials

  • Enables non-disruptive data migrations and insulates hosts from changes in infrastructure
  • Provides a single interface to multiple migration methods
  • Addresses common array-customer migration needs such as consolidations, lease rollovers, and technology refreshes.

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PowerPath Specifications
Supported Platforms VMAX
Supported Operating Systems HP-UX
Microsoft Windows
Required Disk Space Installation Directory (the default is /opt) 40 MB
Root file system 30 MB
/usr 12 MB
/var 1 MB
Product PowerPath Products
Solution For Storage Management
Data Protection
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PowerPath Migration Enabler:

Non-disruptive data migrations with no planned application downtime

EMC® PowerPath® Migration Enabler leverages the same underlying technology as EMC PowerPath to enable data mobility technologies to perform data migrations without application downtime. PowerPath Migration Enabler insulates hosts from changes in the storage infrastructure and enables non-disruptive large-scale data movement using Host Copy, EMC Open Replicator, and EMC Time Finder®/Clone. It manages host impact through throttling and the ability to pause/resume data movement, and supports migrations to virtually provisioned logical units.

PowerPath Migration Enabler keeps source and target LUNs synchronized by cloning new application writes while bulk data is non-disruptively moved in the background. PowerPath Migration Enabler performs thick-to-thin and thin-to-thick as well as thin-to-thin volume migrations.

Additionally, PowerPath Migration Enabler Host Copy eliminates downtime by enabling data migrations to or from any network or supported array type (both EMC and non-EMC) through the host in heterogeneous environments without the need for an underlying migration technology across multiple SAN protocols. It also enables seamless migration from plain-text to encrypted text when used in combination with PowerPath Encryption with RSA®—or its array-specific variants including VNX™ Host Encryption and CLARiiON® Host Encryption.

Use PowerPath Migration Enabler for high-performance migrations of large data sets, and for storage changes, data consolidations, or during upgrades to new equipment during lease contract renewals. Whether used with Host Copy, Open Replicator, or Time-finder/Clone, PowerPath Migration Enabler eliminates planned downtime and assures application performance and availability during data migrations.

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There are a few things that you need to be mindful of when designing and deploying EMC mid range storage. Hopefully this document provides a solid foundation upon which you can build performance-focused storage solutions for the mid range.

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