Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive

The Silicon 2TB HDD  is designed with Armor A60 allows you to easily free up the capacity of the internal Xbox and PS4 drive on your console. Only connect the A60 into your Xbox or PlayStation 4 console directly into your USB port and operate in just a few minutes through an easy setup process, and you’ll have more space to store your latest games.

 Silicon 2TB HDD Ultra-rugged rubber frame and internal suspension system providing a great shielding impact and robust safety from grinding, dust and water spraying. Configured for easy cable carrying and storage, creative slot style.

Silicon 2TB HDD

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  • LARGE FILE (4GB) TRANSFER- The A60 is Pre-formatted as FAT32, you could use it directly on Mac or Windows. 
  • when transferring a single file larger than 4GB, please re-format to exFAT. 
  •  Ideal for gaming enthusiasts Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim 
  •  Military-grade shockproof and IPX4 water-resistant protection
  • Cable-carry design for easy cable storage
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.5.x, Linux 2.6.x
  • Please purchase our products at authorized retailers or the “Silicon Power USA” FBA store.