StoreVault S500-Network Storage

The Store Vault S500 is a salable all-in-one network storage appliance that enables you to simplify the secure storage, continuous protection and management of all your business information. Robust data protection capabilities include Snapshots, Checksum, protection from dual drive failure with RAID-DP and remote-replication. The intuitive interface and lower entry cost provides affordable access to simple yet powerful data management tools that were previously the domain of large IT shops.

NavigateStorage offering Free RAID DP Drive valued at $700 and Snap Restore valued at $1,150 for orders on or before January 26, 2007

With scalability from 1TB to 6TB, the ability to combine NAS, iSCSI SAN, and Fiber Channel SAN, Store Vault offers peace-of-mind data protection and the ability to grow with your business without growing your IT team.

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key features

  • Advanced Protection Architecture

The Store Vault Advanced Protection Architecture combines protection for your data with technologies that maintain your system to ensure maximum availability.

  • Intuitive graphical interface to manage your storage

The Store Vault S500 goes from carton to configured in minutes and provides the ongoing ability to easily manage, monitor, and update your storage without the need for storage specialist.

  • NAS and SAN support in one box

Store Vault S500 provides support for file sharing (NAS) and block level storage (SAN) over iSCSI or Fiber Channel, giving you the flexibility to grow when you need to. It even supports direct attached storage (ADS)

  • High reliability and availability

With redundant hot-swap power and cooling, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, NVRAM, and protection from double-disk failure with RAID™, Store Vault S500 keeps your data safe and available.

  • Instant backup and restore

Snapshots provide peace-of-mind security and dependability with the industry’s best implementation of point-in-time recovery with no performance impact.

  • Scales to 6TB

    You can start with just 1TB at a very affordable price point, and your storage can grow as your business grows without adding additional boxes or complexity. The unique NetApp architecture allows a single drive to be added transparently to an existing RAID group without disruption to applications or users. The
    additional capacity is available immediately for allocation to user groups or applications.

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Benefits for your business

  • Storage management made easy

Just because your business data is complex, there’s no reason for your data storage to be complex. The Store Vault S500 provides security with simplicity, allowing you to focus on growing your business, not on your growing storage.

  • Eliminate the pain of backup

NetApp Snapshot™ technology allows you to eliminate daily incremental backups, and can even eliminate the backup window.

  • No more waiting for recovery, stay in business

Disk-to-disk backup and fast recovery is no longer just for large IT organizations. Store Vault products enable instant recovery of individual files, directories or an entire file system.

  • Your business is growing, your storage should be

    able to grow with you Store Vault S500 allows you to add storage without disrupting applications or users, even one drive at a time if that’s what

  • Allocating storage should be easy

  • With NetApp FlexVol™ technology embedded, storage capacity can be simply allocated and reallocated on-the-fly while continuing normal operations.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

Store Vault has a low acquisition cost, but the real benefit comes with the simplicity of management, better storage utilization, and protection of your data over time.

  • You’re a leader in your field, depend on a leader in

network storage Network Appliance has long been regarded as the storage innovation leader in providing high reliability, simplicity, and data protection.

some of products listed below

1.Seagate IronWolf 510 240 GB NAS SSD unidad 

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About Item

  • Máxima durability: la solution’s ideal para tormentors NAS de various usurious que Tuscan resistance y rendition de la SSD de Powerhouse.
  • Resistente: disfrute de fiabilidad a largo plazo con 1. 8 M horas MTBF en un factor de forma M. 2
  • Efficient: mayor rendition para comparative archives y mentor consume DE energizer para NAS

2.SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5″/7mm, hasta 560 MB/s – WDS500G1R0A

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About Item

  • Resistente: disfrute de fiabilidad a largo plazo con 1. 8 M horas MTBF en UN factor de forma M. 2
  • Efficient: mayor rendition para comparative archives y mentor consume de energizer para NAS.

3.storevault S500 – Servidor NAS – 6 Tb

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About Item

  • NetApp StoreVault S500 NAS Server
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • HDD Bays: 12
  • Max Storage: 6 TB
  • Ethernet Ports: 2

4.Western Digital 500GB WD Red SA500

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About Item

  • Storage optimized for caching in NAS systems to rapidly access your most frequently used files.
  • Superior endurance can handle the heavy read and write loads demanded by NAS, giving you the reliability you need in a 24/7 environment.
  • Purpose-built for NAS with proven Western Digital 3D NAND to deliver maximum SATA performance to both home and business users.
  • Reduces latency and improves responsiveness for oltp databases, multi-user environments, photo rendering, 4K and 8K video editing, and more.
  • 5-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

5.Seagate st5000nm0024 3.5 inch 

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About Item

  • Impressionist 5 TB capacity de almacenamiento para capaciousness de bulk-data
  • Technological sixth-generation Drive con 6 GB/s SATA Interface
  • Meteor rendition de rotation vibrancy tolerance gargantuan la stabilized
  • Marjoram de la efficiency de infringement y potentiate con bajo consume de energizer y la technological de election de potentiate de en la demands
  • Multi-Drive Firmware optimization para Enterprise RAID indispensability


The Store Vault S500 is a salable all-in-one network storage solution that provides security, scalability, peace of-mind data protection, and simplified management of all your business information.

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