Time Spring continuous Data protection

MS Exchange Continuous Data Protection  

Businesses rely increasingly on email to support their business processes and facilitate communication, both internal and external. So protecting the Exchange environment is a business necessity. In companies and industries subject to email and messaging regulations, Exchange protection is an integral requirement for staying in business. Regulations may dictate that certain types of email communication be retained in their entirety and safeguarded from amendment and deletion for a prescribed retention period.

Time Spring’s Time Data for Exchange provides continuous data protection for Exchange. All email changes are captured and retained in a secure, read-only repository. Retention periods are set in accordance with defined policies, whether for a defined period or indefinitely.

Protection may be local or remote, depending on business requirements and available infrastructure. Remote protection may be over standard dedicated or shared wide area network.

In the event of Exchange store loss or corruption, our CDP solution enables full data retrieval in a manner that is consistent and meaningful to the Exchange server. In the event that an individual mailbox or message is lost or deleted, it works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange to retrieve the required mailbox or message.

With our CPD solution for Exchange you can:

  • Recover from loss, corruption, deletion, or security breach to any consistent moment in time, improving your Recovery Point Objectives.
  • Eliminate backup windows and brick-level backups.
  • Avoid costly downtime by making data quickly available at the level of granularity required: store; mailbox; folder; attachment; calendar item; individual message. Improve your Recovery Time Objective.
  • Quickly search for data in un-mounted EDB files by including or excluding keywords, dates, senders, recipients, or subjects. Message subject, body, and attachment file names are all searchable. Finding a deleted message or providing email for legal discovery has never been easier.
  • Restore data quickly and reliably to a production Exchange server, or to any PST file.
  • Ensure business continuity by protecting Exchange to a TimeData remote repository.
    Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by simplifying and improving Exchange protection.
  • Maintain a policy managed or complete history of all email changes to support data audit and retention objectives.

Some CDP solutions allow you to replicate to two locations, one on-site for rapid recovery and another off-site for disaster recovery scenarios.

Benefits and Drawbacks of CDP Backup

Continuous data protection is a powerful concept that can help organizations achieve secure data storage. However, it also raises several operational challenges.

Continuous data protection benefits:

  • Records every write and copies to the target—changes are stored in a log, allowing you to “replay” the data from any point in time.
  • Preserves a record of every data transaction—this is important for auditing and compliance, and for forensics in case of security incidents.
  • Disaster recovery—continuous data protection is an important component of a disaster recovery strategy. For example, the continuous data protection backup store can be replicated at frequent intervals to a remote data center.
  • Version controlcontinuous data protection keeps multiple versions of each file, allowing creators and users of data to roll back to previous versions.


  • CDP requires fast disk drives, which may involve a significant investment in physical disk storage.
  • Data volumes increase exponentially because everything is immediately backed up. This volume may cause performance or stability issues for critical data resources.


By defining a list of critical applications your clients frequently use (and can’t afford to lose data from), the Acronis agent monitors every change made in the listed applications and continuously backs them up between scheduled backups, so no data is lost – helping achieve near-zero RPOs.

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